MSMTA Teacher Opportunities

Student activities are prime opportunities for teachers as well. Please link to our Student Activities page for more information

Visit your local associations page for information on local events.

Link to our Membership page for full information on joining or renewing your membership.

Contact student activities chairs via the student activities chair table.

Seven Good Reasons to be a Member of MSMTA

  1. As a member of MTNA, you will receive MTNA's professional periodical, American Music Teacher — the official journal of MTNA, providing articles, columns and reviews to inform, educate and challenge six times a year.
  2. MTNA e–Journal — an online journal containing informational articles supplemented with interactive features and extras.
  3. As a member of MSMTA, using your MTNA Member number, you will be able to access online the MSMTA Student Activities Handbook containing detailed information and registration forms for all official festivals and competitions; bimonthly newsletters; as well as access to the online Membership Database. An added feature: members who choose the option are listed in MSMTA's online database. This valuable tool provides listings of members by locality and instrument to consumers worldwide.
  4. As a member of MTNA and MSMTA, you have the option of becoming a member of one of 13 local affiliates throughout Maryland. Local Associations are the heart of the music teaching profession, and provide seminars and master classes for professional enrichment, as well as grassroots level activities for the local music student. Each state chapter is given a $100 Scholarship for Performance to commend excellence at the undergraduate level, and monetary grants from local businesses to be used for student scholarship or teacher education.
  5. MTNA members and their families are eligible to enroll in Group Insurance packages including health, medical, disability, and instrument coverage. A members–only Professional Liability Insurance package is being developed, with coverage to be available at $1 per annum.
  6. MTNA entered into a special licensing agreement with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). This agreement grants MTNA, its divisions, state and local affiliates, a blanket license to publicly perform copyrighted music in the ASCAP repertoire. The licensing fee is calculated on a per capita basis and is paid by the national association for the entire organization and its members.
  7. MTNA and MSMTA Members are encouraged to attend annual conferences sponsored at the national, regional and state levels. Please visit the website for up to date information:

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